Programme Update: April 2017

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The project has received its first Considerate Constructor Scheme (CCS) monitor visit. The visit involved the CCS monitor meeting with the project team, whilst reviewing the site’s appearance and operations. Out of the five categories available, the site scored excellent in three categories and very good in the remaining two categories. With the feedback received from the monitor during the visit, the site team are looking ahead to the next visit whereby they will be targeting achieving excellent across all five categories.

Looking ahead to July will see the erection of our first tower crane. Erection of the tower crane will require a temporary road closure to be in place along Nile Street over the weekend of 8th – 9th July. Further, more detailed information will be provided to residents in advance of the closure nearer to the time.

The project has placed local advertisements for job roles and opportunities that are available. We will continue to advertise these as they become available.

Works during April 2017

During April, we completed the basement wall piles and removed one of our two piling rigs. Towards the end of April, all of the piling works were completed. This enabled all remaining piling plant to be removed from site. We have also started construction of the basement wall’s capping beam – the capping beam is a concrete beam that is poured over the top of the wall piles to secure them all together. The site also received its first visit from a monitor of the Considerate Constructors Scheme.

May 2017

During May, we will continue construction of the basement wall capping beam. The site is also due to receive connection to a temporary power supply, enabling the removal of the existing generators that power the site. As the capping beam works progress, excavation of the new basement will begin to commence.

Planned works for May

  • Basement wall capping beam construction continues
  • Basement excavation commences
  • Site temporary power supply connected

To further our ongoing liaison with the local community and our neighbours, the project has appointed a dedicated community liaison who will continue to monitor the project email address NewRegentsCollege[at], whilst continuing the project’s engagement to date with the stake holders of surrounding residential demises.