Programme Update: January 2018

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During December, we have installed the protective screen around the tower to allow the concrete floor slab and column construction to continue up to the 8th floor. The tower’s lift core construction has progressed well and is now at the 12thfloor.

The concrete walls around the school’s sports hall roof have been constructed to enable the new steel roof to be installed in the New Year. Construction of the internal walls in the basement are continuing.

The concrete floor slabs and columns on the Nile Street Block have reached the 3rd floor and is continuing to progress well.

Community Engagement

We will be running a clothing drive to support Suited and Booted, a local charity. They help their clients (who are the vulnerable and long-term unemployed) create a positive first impression when seeking employment. The first 30 seconds of an interview are crucial as employers make up their minds about potential candidates very quickly. Getting appearance and presentation right are vital to be seriously considered for the job. When clients come in to be fitted, volunteers help them find a good quality suit that fits well and looks great. To find out more about this fantastic charity visit for further information.

We support Hackney Council in hiring local labour and we are currently recruiting. If you live in Hackney and are looking for a job or an apprenticeship, contact Hackney Works is a free recruitment service run by the Council. Whether you’re just starting out, are looking for work or you want to change careers, they can advise you.

Planned works for January 2018

  • Concrete works
  • Building of walls within the basement
  • School sports hall roof installation
  • Installation of material hoists to tower structure