Important Update: Extended working hours to increase height of tower crane

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We would like to take the opportunity to give you advance warning that the New Regent’s College project has been granted permission by the London Borough of Hackney’s Environmental Health Department to temporarily extend the site’s working hours on the following dates and times:

  • Saturday 16th June 8am – 8pm
  • Sunday 17th June 9am – 8pm

The reason for the extended opening of the site over the weekend is to increase the height of one of the site’s tower cranes, TC1. Vehicles loaded with the additional sections of tower crane mast will be unloaded from within the site, negating the need for any disruption to the public highway in Nile Street:

In a bid to minimise disruption and impact on residents, we will be taking the following mitigation measures:

  • We have chosen the most efficient route to the site for the articulated vehicles. This will minimise impact on residents.
  • Once articulated vehicles are within the site’s unloading area, vehicle engines and lights will be switched off to minimise the impact on neighbours and the environment from idling engines.
  • Where communication is required between vehicles, cranes or erection personnel, hand held radios will be utilised. This will avoid unnecessary noise caused by raised voices.
  • Safety lighting (should it become necessary during the climbing) will be kept to the minimum that is necessary to ensure the works can progress safely.
  • Components will be delivered to site in a manner that enables safe and efficient unloading for immediate use, thereby minimising the onsite operation that is required to climb the tower crane.
  • Preparation works will be taking place during the site’s normal working hours in the week leading up to the climb. This will minimise the works involved in climbing the tower crane that would otherwise be required outside of the site’s normal working hours.

We apologise that we are required to extend the site opening times on this occasion, however please be assured that we will do everything possible to mitigate and minimise disruption.

Should you have any queries on this activity, please do not hesitate to contact the project’s Community Liaison Officer on